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The Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Flat Skeleton 5395

Last year, Breguet replica introduced a hopelessly simple, surprisingly asymmetrical addition to the Classique family, the Tourbillon Extra-Flat. This year, at Time to Move, they’ve premiered the next chapter. It’s still a Classique Tourbillon, but it’s been dramatically skeletonized. Meet the Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Flat Skeleton 5395. Now let’s see more details
Most importantly, the fundamentals: 41mm across by a truly slender 7. 7mm thick, offered in platinum or rose gold cases. The dial is sapphire, to show off the movement. The hands are obviously Breguet. On paper, the 3mm thin movement, designated 581SQ, is the same as the existing 581. But in reality, it’s a completely different beast, and definitely beautiful.
First, and most obviously, the closed dial is gone, exposing the inner workings of the fake watch. These internal structures were visibly stripped away, with about 50% of the structure removed, leaving a fine trail of handcrafted Bridges. These Bridges are made of a special red gold alloy that is harder than usual to effectively support the moving weight. Not much of that weight comes from the off-center tourbillon — titanium and silicon carry 0. 290 grams.
In addition to the on-trend, the contemporary skeletonized look of the replica Rolex watches, the finishings are pure Breguet. The bevelling on the movement takes some 120 hours alone, and then there’s the hand-engraving and (of course) guilloche. At the very first beginning, the replica Breguet has employed a micro guilloche technique, using a diamond-tipped tool. According to Breguet, this micro-guilloche is such a delicate process, it has to be performed underground, as the vibrations caused by passing heavy vehicles impacted the precision of the finish. It might be difficult to see with the naked eye, but definitely worth the effort.  
The Classique Tourbillon Extra-Flat Skeleton 5395 is both pure and classic fake Breguet, while still being quite modern in the overall aesthetic. It’s a technically and visually stunning watch that packs a punch far greater than its slender frame would suggest.