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New & Popular Panerai on diver’s wrist

We chose a leather strap for our test watch instead of the rubber strap that also came with the watch, as the original Panerai model had a leather strap. The instructions that came with the replica watch clearly stated that the leather strap can be used while driving. But we still had to overcome our reluctance to take this expensive strap into the cold water. As always, Panerai’s leather straps are suitable for submersion, which is surprising, but true, as the leather is barely treated. When the diver returns to land, the strap takes a while to dry completely, but afterward, it looks exactly the same as it did before the immersion. Extensions for divers didn’t exist years ago, so we chose a particularly long XL strap to fit the cuff of the diving suit.  
Now that Höner was in his diving suit, he began to apply camouflage makeup to his face and hands, which had also been used in the 1950s. Then he put on his rebreather, a prototype developed by the German company Dräger in the early 1960s. He put the diving mask on his head. This mask dates back to the days when Panerai was still equipping frogmen for the Italian Navy. Then he turned and approached the lake, walking backward, as this was the fastest way to walk with the diving fins on. He rinsed his mask, tucked the mouthpiece of his rebreather between his teeth, looked at his fake Rolex watch, and slipped quietly into the water without leaving even the slightest trace of air bubbles.
In the water, by the fading daylight, the Luminor’s crystal barely reflected light and the large dial was very easy to read, thus fulfilling its most important requirement. Our frogman was well-hidden thanks to camouflage makeup and mud, but the polished case of his watch caught our eyes. The initial models were equally shiny: we cannot explain why fake Panerai did not choose to give them a satin finish, which would have resulted in fewer reflections and would have been less likely to reveal the diver’s position. Could it be that Italian design has the upper hand here?
The watch is powered by the in-house P.3001 hand-wound movement. With a diameter of 16.5 lines (37.2 mm), it is almost the same size as the original 16 lines Angelus movement. The adjustment mechanism has been abandoned and the movement can be fine-tuned by turning the weight screw on the edge of the balance wheel. This ensures that the balance spring is free to breathe. The balance oscillates under a solid balance bridge.
The decoration of the movement is in keeping with the character of the Luminor. The most striking decoration is a rather technical stripe pattern that runs precisely in the same direction along the three bridges. This is complemented by the eclectic blue engraving.