Nice Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time – Luxury Knockoff Replica Watches for Sale, Best Fake Watches for Men

We have a very special model of replica Patek Philippe, which is one of the latest ladies’ watches from Baselworld 2019. It’s the first automatic travel watch Patek has made targeted at ladies, but before I lose your attention, this watch is a really good choice for guys too. It’s the same watch as this model but measures 37.5mm instead of 42mm. It’s an acceptable change for those who are in the market for something a bit smaller.
The 7234 comes in 4N rose gold with a brown sunburst dial that complements the gold’s tone perfectly. The size is just cozy for all and I imagine many other conservative fake watch collectors will also enjoy it. The movement is still the same as what you’d find in the 5524G, the caliber 324 S C FUS. It is an automatic movement that features the Spiromax spring and Gyromax balance. Ben described this movement as “one of the most dynamic and usable calibers in modern horology,” so it’s pretty charming that the fake Patek keeps on using this movement in the ladies’ version of this fake watch rather than downgrading it with a leftover quartz movement. If that sounds cynical, it happens all the time, I am sure what I said is true anyway.
The dial display is the same as the 5524G/R and has the minutes, hours, and third hand to differentiate the second time zone. The subsidiary dial is there for the date, and if you want to know if it is night or day you can check the local and home indicators on either side of the handset. Overall the dial is easy to read and while the numerals aren’t to my real taste, I appreciate the consistency and tribute to earlier pilot’s replica watches produced by the brand.
You will see this watch fits really well on the wrist. The size is just so perfect. And while I know that the 42mm version is more traditional for a pilot’s watch, I can’t help but feel like this watch always should have been 37.5mm. However, having options is never a bad thing and choices for women are important to me on a personal level, so I deeply want to show my thanks to Patek for releasing a watch like this as well as the new ladies’ chronograph with the same movement as the previous fake watches we talked about.