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One of the most common questions you may encounter when it comes to luxury watches is “Why are Rolex watches so expensive?” The simple answer is that fake Rolex watches are expensive since they are among the finest timepieces in the world. In addition to the advanced patented technology and the high level of finishing that goes into each model, the Rolex brand itself is highly reputable and universally acclaimed. Rolex watches are internationally regarded as status symbols, synonymous with excellence, success and exclusivity. Producing a watch of this tremendous quality is inherently expensive, and as you might expect, the cost of purchasing a watch for yourself requires a similarly large investment.  
Here, we will talk about the exact price of Rolex watches and why these iconic luxury timepieces can be so expensive. Moreover, we will discuss why pre-owned Rolex watches tend to cost more than brand new models and analyze why buying a Rolex watch is actually not as expensive as you might think. Rolex watches are pretty expensive because they are some of the best watches in the world, but more explanation is needed to really understand how Rolex is made and why the brand charges so much.
Information about the price of Rolex is not as widely known as the Rolex brand itself. With this in mind, there are two words that usually come to mind when people hear the word Rolex. The first is “watch” and the other is generally “expensive” – but is that fair?
Luxury watches are usually quite expensive items, and no Rolex watch can be considered cheap. The cheapest model of a brand new Rolex would cost about $5k if purchased at retail, but Rolex is by no means the most expensive luxury watch brand in the world. As a matter of fact, there are many manufacturers that have watches that cost far more than Rolex, and given the long waiting lists for many of the brand’s top models, there are many people who believe that Rolex watches are actually underpriced.
Apart from that, the huge premiums that people are willing to pay to skip the waiting list let you know that there are many people who value replica Rolex far more than the monetary value of its retail price. When you consider everything about Rolex watches – the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship of each watch, the tradition of innovation behind them, and the global status of the brand – are they really priced as high as people believe?